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To provide the best possible experience at Guiding Star your application must be completed in full and returned to Joshua's Camp-Administration. Please try to combine all required Forms and Applications together to help us with processing.

  • Guiding Star is for families who have lost a child to a life threatening illness within the last five years.
  • A Professional Referral source is needed as part of the application process. This could come from the facility where your child received treatment, a support group leader, spriritual advisor or therapist, etc.
  • Acceptance of qualifying application will be acknowledged as soon as received. Please contact Cathy Finney, Camp Director at 715-514-1485/ or Wendy Carey, Assistant Director at 715-271-9807/ with any questions.

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Who referred you to Guiding Star?

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Full Name's and Age's of all children who will be staying with you at Camp

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Please tell us your loved one's story. You may give as much detail as you wish.