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Joshua's Camp Application

If you are interested in applying for Joshua's Camp, you may either fill out the online form below.

To provide the best possible experience at Joshua's Camp, your application must be completed in full and returned to Joshua's Camp Administration. Please try to combine all required Forms and Applications (Medical Clearance and Professional Referral) together to help us with processing.

Application Instructions:

The application process to attend Joshua’s Camp requires submission and approval of three forms:

  • A Family Application, to be completed by the parent or parents

  • A Medical Assessment and Clearance Form, to be completed by the cancer child’s Oncologist, Hematologist or Pediatrician

  • A Joshua’s Camp Referral Source, to be completed by the Child’s Oncology Facility or a Recognized Oncology Agency. Joshua’s Camp accepts families (immediate members) that have a child 0-17 years of age that is being treated for cancer or has been out of treatment for three years or less. Qualifying applications are accepted on a first come basis or based on special circumstances. Direct calls to Cathy Finney, Camp Director at 715-514-1485 or Wendy Carey, Assistant Camp Director at 715-271-9807. The Family Application must be completed online. After the Family Application is reviewed, an acknowledgment and the other required forms will be sent to the family with directions how to proceed.

Application for Joshua's Camp

Person Completing Application
Treatment Child
Parent/s or Legal Guardian/s
Please list the names and ages of all other children who will be staying with you at Camp.
Emergency Contact Information
Medical Facility
Best Contact Person
Child's Attending Physician/s: Please indicate the best contact information for your child's current physicians.
Diagnosis & Treatment
Special Needs: Please note that Metropolis Resort is handicap-accessible.

Thanks for submitting!

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